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Here's what rhymes with abuzz.

does buzz twas schemas

Consider these alternatives

buzzing / nothing agog / stock abounded / grounded fussing / nothing swirled / world abounds / pounds aglow / no brimming / beginning rife / life rumor / tumor awash / was toying / enjoying tenterhooks / books fretting / getting gleeful / evil musing / using griping / writing hype / side dreading / reading buzz / of

Words that almost rhyme with abuzz

above bus tough dove pus buff puff love thus plus rough rush stuff brush bluff blush cuff fuss hush lush truss plush shove beauteous gush mus mush muss enough crush flush glove snuff slough thrush gruff rebuff slush discuss thereof whereof hereof underbrush superfluous

tons buds tongues bugs tonnes doves pubs tubs bums buns jugs puns tugs comes ones drugs guns runs sons loves lungs sums drums nuns bulbs gums plugs rugs gulls hulls plums studs suns thumbs bloods cubs hubs hugs lugs mugs rubs rungs stubs thugs becomes funds clubs floods gloves shrubs crumbs skulls slums glans grubs shrugs slugs succumbs overcomes
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