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Here's what rhymes with abstract.

tract lacked tracked racked blacked fact attract packed backed react cracked pact tact distract detract hacked sacked tacked attacked extract enact stacked subtract retract smacked impact exact intact interact transact unpacked counteract artifact

Consider these alternatives

expressionism / given realism / idealism surrealism / realism minimalism / given shapes / states aesthetic / magnetic expressionistic / characteristic representational / educational poetic / magnetic impressionism / given impressionistic / characteristic collage / was naturalistic / characteristic surrealist / realist modernism / given representations / relations decorative / executive

Words that almost rhyme with abstract

dragged lagged jagged tagged

last plant draft laughed rat blast trapped wrapped draught ranked lashed raft rapt splashed strapped yanked that passed past fast sat cast fat flat grant vast cat craft hat shaft caste dashed graft hast matched bat chat classed flashed mapped mast mat shalt tapped taxed thanked branched cant capped chant clapped crashed flanked hatched masked pat scratched slant slapped spat staffed thatched waxed banked clashed lapsed mashed massed patched slashed stat supplant tat vat attached adapt detached glanced grasped relaxed danced despatched dispatched elapsed snapped snatched stamped surpassed camped chanced clamped clasped cramped gasped harassed implant scant smashed aghast amassed canst damped overlapped recast repast advanced collapsed financed habitat transplant diplomat photographed aristocrat overcast relapsed enhanced handicapped encamped caveat democrat handicraft telegraphed unsurpassed enthusiast thermostat mimeographed
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