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Here's what rhymes with weakly.

weekly meekly biweekly bleakly sleekly uniquely obliquely semiweekly barbarically

Consider these alternatives

feebly / deeply sweetly / completely stably / greatly laterally / naturally molecules / schools converges / emerges variably / invariably monotone / known ions / science particle / article keeled / field erratically / automatically correlated / created

Words that almost rhyme with weakly

wheelie wheelies easy chiefly deeply iii keenly neatly cheaply feebly sweetly ity leaky iiii meanly seemly weedy cheeky mealy queenly measly wheezy weepy geeky peaky weenie weeny lychee weensy wienie seemlier weepie freely briefly query viii ideally needy leafy steeply beastly cleanly naively nisi fieri genie genii gipsy seedy steely beady cheesy meaty peaty queasy reedy sneaky squeaky sweetie tipi beefy creaky kiwi midi seamy teeny freaky yeasty beanie fleetly greenly peachy phoebe sheeny tweedy chichi peewee teensy cliquey meanie meany peachier treaty uneasy greedy routinely speedy dreamy greasy priestly sleepy specie creamy serine unseemly unwieldy breezy libri steamy creepy fleecy sleazy tsetse briny streaky preachy squeegee wapiti freebie sleety dashiki greenfly blini biyearly freebee unseemlier preachier xviii leucine xxviii carinii nomine valine xxxviii bikini zucchini unready genteelly uncleanly terrine screechy patinae screechier completely extremely discreetly entreaty graffiti inferiorly pontine banditti martini discretely leonine speakeasy linguine stormily semiyearly tyrosine principe threonine saturnine kerosine fettuccine gaberdine umbilici incompletely methionine indiscreetly tortellini signorine
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