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Here's what rhymes with warrior.

gorier hoarier

Consider these alternatives

samurai / lie brave / gave sword / called hero / zero beast / least snake / make crusader / later fighter / writer mage / at quest / best spirit / village legendary / very vampire / postprandial mythology / quality mystic / characteristic sorceress / less tribe / right mythological / logical nun / one barbarian / agrarian

Words that almost rhyme with warrior

haulier surlier squallier

wartier courtier haughtier naughtier saucier doughtier swarthier bossier chalkier mossier balkier gawkier horsier talkier ballsier dorkier gauzier loftier doorkeeper saltier stormier torchbearer glossier palmier lordlier sportier jauntier flossier snottier maltier storekeeper costlier scorekeeper frostier saltpeter ungodlier
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