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Here's what rhymes with vigilant.

Consider these alternatives

prudent / student wary / very proactive / attractive cautious / office aware / where remain / main resolute / group beware / where keeping / leading keep / deep ensure / full keenly / extremely resolutely / absolutely reminding / finding redouble / double assure / full complacent / patient calm / on hyper / writer acutely / absolutely

Words that almost rhyme with vigilant

virulent innocent filament imminent immanent indolent insolent irritant visitant sycophant ficklest incident immigrant ligament militant impotent silicate simulate stimulant dissonant nimblest difficult equivalent implement infinite intimate increment ambivalent littlest nonvirulent cheerfullest instrument intricate coincident militarist medicament dissimulate ministrant timpanist magnificent participant omnipotent particulate predicament discriminant empiricist precipitant individuate gesticulate belittlement nonmilitant legitimate imprisonment abolitionist exhibitionist nonequivalent coalitionist inarticulate grandiloquent prohibitionist indiscriminate nonparticipant
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