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Here's what rhymes with vacant.

Consider these alternatives

vacated / created unoccupied / side occupy / by fill / will occupied / side seat / feet unused / used vacate / placate reclaimed / range heavyweight / late retained / obtained middleweight / late seats / needs welterweight / late deserted / converted reclaim / same featherweight / late leased / least occupies / size leaving / even underused / used occupying / dying relinquished / distinguished

Words that almost rhyme with vacant

wakened awakened reawakened

agent patient ancient payment latent nascent safest ailment assailant raiment vagrant sadist sanest vainest fainest halest statement adjacent latest basement pavement reagent ablest claimant flagrant fragrant blatant covalent faintest arraignment basest divalent effacement shamefaced inhalant lakefront palest cadenced tamest gamest opaqued staidest greatest arrangement attainment impatient placement amazement abatement repayment bravest abasement plainest wavefront escapement straightest defacement degassed anapest chastest plainchant subbasement insanest sedatest unsafest inanest urbanest engagement platelet affidavit supernatant bracelet curtailment enslavement ascertainment debasement prepayment restatement entailment misstatement nonpayment derailment encasement obtainment quaintest detainment ordainment humanest displacement replacement containment rearrangement complacent complainant derangement estrangement emplacement entrainment intranet complaisant overstatement misplacement disarrangement underpayment infotainment nonadjacent edutainment unchastest entertainment disengagement reinstatement understatement prearrangement
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