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Here's what rhymes with transitory.

tory dory story storey hoary lorry gory lavatory offertory satori corrie thesauri vapory vapoury glory laboratory inventory priori mandatory oratory quarry promissory prefatory pylori amatory chicory nugatory minatory auditory statutory allegory inhibitory dormitory migratory predatory promontory repository secretory depository derogatory desultory observatory oscillatory purgatory repertory signatory defamatory dilatory fortiori gustatory laudatory consolatory hortatory suppository innovatory aleatory crematory signori brontosauri category territory respiratory explanatory inflammatory obligatory preparatory ambulatory anticipatory confirmatory excretory inspiratory retaliatory emancipatory initiatory prohibitory revelatory rotatory vibratory accusatory commendatory declamatory masturbatory adulatory depilatory placatory salutatory corroboratory monsignori appreciatory stegosauri regulatory circulatory compensatory conciliatory participatory excitatory expiratory ventilatory celebratory classificatory declaratory dedicatory executory expository reformatory condemnatory expiatory interlocutory interrogatory subcategory vainglory confiscatory multistory judicatory multistorey cosignatory discriminatory contributory exploratory antiinflammatory hallucinatory posteriori stimulatory deprecatory ejaculatory investigatory propitiatory adjudicatory exclamatory exculpatory supererogatory noninflammatory incriminatory nonmigratory recriminatory nonobligatory articulatory congratulatory circumlocutory nondiscriminatory noncontributory

Consider these alternatives

ephemeral / general fleeting / meeting immutable / suitable constraining / training unanticipated / dated unimportant / important blip / it foreseen / seen immaterial / material insubstantial / sample quiescent / present undefined / find momentary / very exacerbate / state fluctuations / relations injurious / curious exacerbates / states construed / food pertained / obtained fortuitous / circuitous

Words that almost rhyme with transitory

wally crawly scrawly integrally maniacally demoniacally

bawdy dorsi tawdry bossy doughty talkie doggie doggy balky dorky talky porgy porky torsi tawdrier forty stormy haughty palsy sorely gaudy horny mossy naughty paltry thorny brawny drawee jaunty morte portly saucy sortie corny warty gauzy gawky sporty horsey paunchy tautly horsy shorty ballsy corgi shortie postie portlier paunchier shortly broadly lofty faulty laundry warmly wrongly courtly glossy coarsely lordly salty swarthy frothy hoarsely baldly divorcee fourthly scrawny forlornly honky raunchy zloty smoggy softy malty outdoorsy softie honkie hogtie raunchier courtlier falsie strongly softly falsely frosty hydroxy ungodly alcalde staunchly prelacy paparazzi horsefly amorphously schmalzy uniformly commonalty personalty pianoforte stalwartly streptococci gallimaufry staphylococci
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