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Here's what rhymes with tapping.

mapping trapping wrapping capping lapping rapping napping sapping clapping flapping slapping snapping strapping scrapping overlapping handicapping

Consider these alternatives

tap / at noisily / joyfully toes / those phone / own diversifying / dying stepping / getting telephone / shown humming / coming using / losing squeezing / even relying / lying wire / fire shifting / existing touch / but microphone / shown growing / going ringing / beginning

Words that almost rhyme with tapping

adding chatting batting padding patting patching catching matching attaching hatching stabbing matting thatching grabbing snatching cladding detaching scratching combating dispatching combatting despatching envisaging

passing packing backing damping dashing banging banning damning tanning jamming tacking tagging having planning acting asking banking dancing hanging lacking laughing attacking adapting dragging tracking camping chanting panting spanning staffing stamping taxing banding canning fanning gasping lagging lashing nagging sagging stacking tackling basking bragging caching hacking manning massing planing racking rasping sacking sapling tramping wagging standing landing lasting sampling casting planting ranking scanning branching cracking drafting fasting flashing grasping crashing handing masking rattling surpassing thanking angling blasting branding clamping clashing clasping grappling harassing slamming smashing splashing thrashing trampling amassing clanging cramping flagging planking prancing ranching slashing smacking spanking unpacking waxing handling advancing demanding granting attracting reacting enchanting glancing grafting collapsing crackling enacting flanking rambling slanting clanking impacting relapsing straddling outstanding commanding expanding financing enhancing interacting exacting overhanging relaxing recasting supplanting unflagging everlasting contrasting extracting subtracting abstracting counteracting distracting photographing refracting transacting withstanding understanding transplanting notwithstanding subcontracting misunderstanding
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