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Here's what rhymes with syphilitic.

lytic critic haemolytic analytic hemolytic paralytic arthritic nephritic encephalitic zoophytic catalytic parasitic granitic hydrolytic impolitic saprophytic dendritic porphyritic cenobitic psychoanalytic electrolytic proteolytic thrombolytic hermaphroditic fibrinolytic antisemitic coenobitic

Consider these alternatives

dandyism / given histoplasmosis / tuberculosis overrepresentation / operation prognathism / given solvability / stability

Words that almost rhyme with syphilitic

acidic philippic juridic phenotypic bromidic

lyric lithic artistic civic clinic cystic mystic rhythmic holistic mimic mythic acrylic ballistic citric cryptic elliptic horrific limbic lipstick physic sadistic satiric socialistic cynic thymic gimmick surrealistic triptych diptych periwig sophistic nitpick specific realistic stylistic terrific heuristic pessimistic picnic simplistic statistic autistic dualistic ecliptic idyllic logistic pacific rabbinic synergistic theistic fatalistic juristic legalistic novelistic patristic syllogistic voyeuristic aphoristic arrhythmic dipstick inartistic flyspeck sylphic scientific intrinsic unrealistic idealistic journalistic mechanistic monolithic prolific hemispheric moralistic ritualistic animistic atheistic egoistic empiric hedonistic honorific metaphysic monistic neolithic chauvinistic egotistic megalithic shamanistic bulimic euphemistic feudalistic pinprick belletristic nepotistic puristic nonrhythmic linguistic optimistic apocalyptic extrinsic humanistic logarithmic nationalistic naturalistic altruistic capitalistic hydrophilic pluralistic rationalistic algorithmic basophilic futuristic hieroglyphic polycystic eulogistic jingoistic palaeolithic pugilistic casuistic characteristic deterministic materialistic monopolistic nonspecific anachronistic narcissistic opportunistic paternalistic relativistic unscientific antiarrhythmic carboxylic cataclysmic communistic eosinophilic imperialistic impressionistic militaristic monotheistic oligopolistic organismic pantheistic positivistic universalistic cannibalistic patronymic polytheistic unspecific expressionistic paleolithic pantomimic polyclinic antagonistic individualistic probabilistic spiritualistic stratospheric nonscientific overoptimistic transpacific sociolinguistic uncharacteristic
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