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buddies muddies bloodies restudies understudies

Consider these alternatives

institute / food professor / never analyses / these comparative / relative sociology / quality psychology / quality researches / searches sciences / alliances biology / quality education / information teaching / leading anthropology / quality scientific / specific suggest / best theology / quality thesis / pieces

Words that almost rhyme with studies

puppies buttes puttees putties budgies scabies guppies yuppies druggies hubbies unities eternities impieties geologies psychologies

dummies buggies bunnies tummies undies tunnies toughies duckies chivvies chivies moneys monies gullies mummies neces strophes junkies gulleys phonies unties funnies honeys hussies sullies chutneys ebonies sonnies chicories wussies luvvies bemires gussies monkeys phantasies monthlies sundries flunkeys flunkies jalousies munchies trusties sulkies conchies countries sunbeams symmetries boutonnieres scrunchies thingummies bimonthlies calumnies colostomies voluntaries bloodstreams semimonthlies indelicacies incarnadines
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