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amblyopia / myopia diplopia / myopia astigmatism / given intraocular / extraocular aphthous / allows hyperuricemia / anemia scotopic / logic hematological / logical hypothyroidism / given enuresis / wishes craniosynostosis / diagnosis cryptorchidism / given uveal / feel scoliosis / diagnosis spasticity / activity idiopathic / havoc hypertelorism / given ophthalmology / quality histoplasmosis / tuberculosis presbyopia / myopia

Words that almost rhyme with strabismus

cheerless peerless tipis dingus physics mimics gimmicks piglets tidbits missis vinous diptychs titbits tippets wikis deliquesce dimwits litchis chicness lyrics logistics rickets arteritis ceteris civics ellipsis fillets guiltless picnics pollicis rhinitis thinness amidships cynics shiftless solidus widgets figments gibbets revisits bulimics midships limpness triptychs dipsticks nitwits fillips kibitz resits nitpicks districts critics statistics clinics mystics peritonitis enuresis retinitis astrophysics misfits acrylics thriftless lipsticks patronymics paralytics hijinks metaphysics linguists specifics hypophysis inauspicious symphysis geophysics tendinitis ballistics biophysics careerists diacritics honorifics syphilitics tendonitis philippics tranquillise arthritics redistricts heuristics hieroglyphics pneumonitis stylistics polyclinics catalytics characteristics linguistics flibbertigibbets electrophoresis
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