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Here's what rhymes with stitching.

itching pitching switching twitching hitching bewitching enriching

Consider these alternatives

stitch / which sewing / going sew / so sewn / own lace / case laces / cases beading / leading gluing / doing needlepoint / point thread / said seams / seems dyeing / dying stringing / beginning cloth / off weave / leave strap / at filigree / be herringbone / known crocheted / made woven / chosen pieced / least

Words that almost rhyme with stitching

bidding dipping pitting spitting tipping chipping sitting fitting shipping forbidding hitting slipping splitting bridging dripping knitting stripping whipping bidden flitting kidding ripping sipping skipping tripping flipping pidgin ridding nipping skidding slitting permitting admitting clipping emitting omitting quitting submitting befitting gripping positing midden abridging committing equipping remitting unwitting refitting babysitting transmitting unremitting counterfeiting

picking spinning digging steering sticking billing cheering chilling pinching pinning spilling stinging ticking inning tiling tilling chiming dimming earring ginning inching spearing building living giving bringing willing appearing filling fishing killing missing singing winning swimming wishing drilling fearing kissing piercing rearing ringing springing swinging kicking milling nearing rigging shearing shilling thinning thrilling flinging gearing hissing licking lynching sinning skimming sniffing stinking tilting trimming brimming flicking pricking searing smearing sneering stringing tickling twinning wringing flinching inking leering pickling sieving skinning slinging swishing veering whizzing winging beginning thinking drinking printing clearing fixing lifting linking listing mixing shifting sinking clinging drifting twisting adhering clicking forgiving grinning shrinking sibling whistling blinking distilling filming hinting inkling milking risking sifting trickling fiddling fringing gilding instilling limping rinsing winking grilling lilting lisping mincing minting silting splinting sprinting stripling sufficing whittling wilting wincing unwilling assisting depicting disappearing fulfilling pioneering dismissing persisting rebuilding sprinkling kindling subsisting afflicting cringing impinging misgiving quilting squinting unflinching affixing clinking evincing glinting incising reappearing refilling reliving existing engineering insisting interfering predicting resisting restricting inflicting domineering enlisting persevering rethinking underpinning unthinking volunteering imprinting infringing profiteering reprinting scripting unforgiving consisting conflicting convincing thanksgiving constricting criticising preexisting coexisting electioneering contradicting unconvincing
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