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Here's what rhymes with splintered.

wintered reentered overwintered

Consider these alternatives

littered / considered riven / given feuding / including disintegrated / dated charred / part leaderless / featureless coalesced / best decayed / made disarray / they scarred / part coalitions / conditions faction / action split / it disintegrate / great unify / high

Words that almost rhyme with splintered

injured hindered limbered timbered uninjured whimpered simpered unhindered unlimbered

inward littered blistered interned enured filtered triggered vineyard blizzard glittered lizard frittered tittered twittered liquored delivered differed figured lingered mirrored shivered withered wizard billiard flickered windward gizzard glimmered pillared shimmered simmered slithered blinkered niggard pilfered whiskered bickered dithered skittered slivered zippered gibbered nickered scissored whispered pictured embittered fingered quivered prefigured snickered unfiltered tinkered bewhiskered pilchard sniggered bewildered disfigured tinctured redelivered considered configured transfigured reconsidered unconsidered
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