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Here's what rhymes with slots.

lots yachts spots plots shots dots knots pots clots watts blots cots mots apricots kilowatts

Consider these alternatives

slot / not seating / meeting fill / will allocated / dated allocation / education vying / dying seats / needs unused / used accommodate / state allocate / great card / part licenses / licences reserved / first flights / rights gaming / training select / effect

Words that almost rhyme with slots

flops ops crops drops shops odds rods stops tops cops props chops hops copse pops robs swaps gods jobs sobs knobs mobs nods pods swabs facades outcrops squads synods arthropods

arts rocks flocks locks ox floss frocks parts box costs hearts wants blocks starts stocks boss charts carts fox shocks arcs clocks docks docs farce pox socks sparse blocs cocks darts fonts knocks larks mocks parse marks parks adopts mosques prompts sharks sparks swamps barks wasps harps hearths response remarks departs imparts quarks orthodox paradox restaurants renaissance infarcts nonchalance oligarchs patriarchs equinox heterodox counterparts unorthodox
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