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Here's what rhymes with slopes.

ropes opes hopes soaps tropes copes scopes fops gropes dopes elopes envelopes isotopes antelopes horoscopes telescopes cantaloupes endoscopes gyroscopes oscilloscopes periscopes microscopes radioisotopes

Consider these alternatives

valleys / carries steep / deep mountain / fountain terrain / main ridges / religious elevations / relations mountainside / side plateau / no ravines / means boulders / soldiers scree / be waterfalls / force mount / found elevation / education volcanic / organic steeply / deeply altitudes / groups

Words that almost rhyme with slopes

oats floats throats notes roads boats votes loads coats goats lobes robes popes odes lodes moats motes cotes dotes groats gloats sots stoats totes modes nodes codes quotes probes globes clods toads erodes sods bodes earlobes goads highroads mods plods strobes denotes promotes devotes abodes connotes overcoats overloads adobes corrodes cutthroats ferryboats greatcoats unloads encodes anaerobes explodes caseloads decodes commodes riverboats episodes anecdotes petticoats antidotes nematodes trematodes

oaks yolks yokes close dose gross folks jokes strokes growths cloaks smokes spokes coax hoax chokes pokes roasts soaks blokes baulks cokes croaks posts hosts bolts coasts ghosts volts boasts evokes colts morose toasts jolts jocose revokes dolts molts moults invokes revolts overdose provokes varicose engross viscose cellulose adipose bellicose artichokes doorposts diagnose grandiose comatose lachrymose gentlefolks nitrocellulose
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