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Here's what rhymes with sind.

sinned thinned pinned skinned tinned grinned rescind chagrined downwind underpinned

Consider these alternatives

wir / why und / and auf / both aber / later alle / shall noch / drug über / per nach / back auch / thought heute / avoid christliche / they drei / they zum / some gott / not diesem / reason eine / seen sich / sick können / one meine / mean liebe / each

Words that almost rhyme with sind

inch hint hinge flint fringe winged mint pinch syringe tinge tinged tint dimmed dint lint rimmed ringed skimmed stint winch binge flinch imp print trimmed limp shrimp splint squint brimmed glint pimp sprint stringed twinge impinge infringe reprint imprint

filled feared hid id hinged did killed build mid rid skilled beard bid kid lid reared slid weird cheered chilled fringed geared guild peered smeared spilled steered thrilled willed billed filmed milled neared ribbed rigged sneered stilled tilled appeared cleared amid grid adhered drilled forbid quid revered bridged grilled fulfilled distilled unskilled abridged rebuild infringed instilled outlived turbid disappeared interfered pioneered reappeared persevered volunteered unfulfilled
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