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Here's what rhymes with sheaths.

heaths wreaths bequeaths

Consider these alternatives

sheath / these myelin / sphingomyelin pleated / repeated beaded / preceded gowns / towns stretchy / already neoprene / seen halters / orders hems / sense blouses / houses cassock / havoc serrated / narrated frock / stock skirts / words shawls / force protrusions / institutions

Words that almost rhyme with sheaths

fiefs chiefs thieves reefs eaves sheaves heaves eves leafs leaves sleeves briefs griefs weaves beeves massifs reeves wreathes beliefs receives achieves motifs perceives breathes reliefs cleaves deceives grieves believes conceives relieves retrieves reprieves fricatives disbelieves interweaves leitmotifs recitatives

cease seats seeks sheets eats heaps feats heats seeps sheikhs sheiks peace piece weeks speaks keeps cheeks lease meets peaks beats niece feasts fleets geese leaks leaps meats sleeps sweeps sweets beets fleece shrieks suites beaks cheats deeps freaks weeps jeeps leeks peeps reaps sneaks steeps teats beeps metes reeks cerise geeks peeks piques wreaks streets beasts receipts treats elites grease apiece defeats obese streaks crease creeks creeps decease yeasts greets cleats deceits pleats minx physiques squeaks tweaks police release priests repeats antiques bespeaks conceits boutiques deletes petites obliques surcease fifteenths requites increase techniques decrease caprice critiques retreats competes sweetmeats depletes entreats sixteenths tailpiece completes masterpiece centerpiece harmonise altarpiece colonise modernise parakeets plebiscites legalese recognise mortgagees patronise synchronise mantelpiece antagonise librettists revolutionise
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