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Here's what rhymes with scrambled.

ambled rambled gambled

Consider these alternatives

scramble / sample scurried / worried scurrying / worrying tried / side trying / lying hurried / worried retrieve / leave waited / stated crews / whose try / dry evacuate / late reassure / full rushing / nothing clambered / standard arrange / change scampered / standard flew / you locate / relocate unable / table vainly / mainly

Words that almost rhyme with scrambled

sampled trampled handled mantled unexampled dismantled

rattled annulled crackled grappled babbled dabbled added acid rapid arid damaged traveled travelled averaged ragged angled baffled scaffold tackled avid battled channeled dazzled paddled saddled dappled gladdened paneled rationed shackled aphid barreled enameled rankled straddled straggled happened acted examined granted managed valid landed lasted challenged fashioned fastened ballad flattened salad blackened canceled cancelled patted placid tangled chatted languid mangled padded pallid saddened slackened strangled dampened dangled fattened maddened ransomed captioned unraveled unravelled untrammeled untrammelled handed imagined planted reacted sanctioned stranded blasted candid bandaged slanted embattled hazarded spangled undamaged bedraggled masted abandoned adapted attracted commanded enacted entangled impassioned supplanted antacid reexamined unfastened demanded expanded contrasted extracted distracted refracted retracted diffracted interacted disentangled
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