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Here's what rhymes with roofs.

proofs goofs poofs woofs spoofs reproofs disproofs waterproofs bombproofs

Consider these alternatives

roof / use roofed / used walls / course corrugated / created tiles / miles roofing / using tile / while floors / course brick / sick trees / these uprooted / routed doorways / always thatch / that tarps / parts mansard / answered ceilings / feelings skylights / highlights sheeting / meeting doors / course

Words that almost rhyme with roofs

truths youths booths sleuths moves proves grooves soothes removes approves untruths smooths smoothes improves behooves reproves disproves disapproves

use loose roots routes loops lutes yous oops loots groups troops fruits boots juice suits goose nous shoots truce brutes dukes flutes hoops moose noose soups deuce dupes sloops sluice troupes chutes coops flukes hoots mutes whoops bruits droops mousse newts roosts coos coots coupes moots nukes puce toots drupes kooks poops pukes tuts schuss abuse reduce reuse spruce solutes adduce salutes boosts scoops stoops dilutes pollutes spooks swoops unloose volutes cheroots educe uproots effuse reboots scoots recoups snoops stoups galoots reroutes snoots acutes produce induce diffuse pursuits recruits deduce disuse obtuse recluse seduce rebukes refutes caboose imputes commutes cahoots deputes papoose taproots beetroots burnoose permutes vamoose dybbuks reputes disputes excuse grassroots profuse abstruse computes absolutes conduce parachutes confutes calaboose jackboots gumboots toques tracksuits attributes introduce reproduce executes disabuse paratroops persecutes outproduce malamutes bodysuits institutes prostitutes prosecutes transmutes overproduce recomputes cantaloups constitutes substitutes reintroduce nincompoops reconstitutes electrocutes catafalques
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