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Here's what rhymes with recumbent.


Consider these alternatives

bicycles / icicles kneeling / feeling effigies / cities elongated / prolongated meditate / state supine / line plights / rights tinware / where flagellated / created timescale / limescale zoomorphic / eumorphic

Words that almost rhyme with recumbent

redundant pungent abundant suntanned overabundant superabundant

judgment judgement summit repugnant couplet covet compassed gullet ebullient pedant dumbest kaput reluctant bucket triumphant encompassed musket puppet buffet abutment buttressed dullest exultant roughest toughest inelegant mullet plummet subtlest dulcet effulgent engulfment reanimate atomised davit discussant dovecote duvet cultist decollete dovecot refaced stomached adjustment resultant youngest trumpet indulgent apposite sibilant misjudgment occultist pundit refulgent demulcent justest prejudgment misjudgement muralist consultant readjustment strumpet bluntest maladjustment magniloquent overindulgent
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