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Here's what rhymes with recruiters.

routers looters rooters tutors suitors shooters neuters hooters pewters refuters tooters commuters polluters scooters sixshooters accoutres computers prosecutors freebooters disputers peashooters persecutors telecommuters troubleshooters institutors instituters minicomputers microcomputers supercomputers

Consider these alternatives

recruiting / including recruiter / computer recruits / groups recruit / group trainees / these enlistees / these employers / destroyers counselors / councillors enlisting / existing colleges / acknowledges admissions / conditions mentors / members recruited / routed hire / fire prospective / objective hires / requires employees / ployees teachers / features librarians / variance

Words that almost rhyme with recruiters

groupers cubers futures sutures troopers toujours coopers supers brooders bloopers troupers dupers whoopers intruders snoopers paratroopers

rulers users rumors cruisers losers rumours roosters louvers ewers roomers crooners roofers groomers tumors tumours viewers sewers accusers humours movers boomers boosters brewers doers humors tures coolers skewers bloomers choosers wooers cougars tuners bruisers chewers boogers boozers hullers pruners hoovers juicers soothers duellers poofters fuehrers reviewers abusers juniors schooners inducers reducers buglers removers valuers impugners screwworms doomsters doodlers infusers schmoozers consumers producers maneuvers pursuers stewards wrongdoers bluebirds seducers perfumers harpooners traducers tattooers interviewers sepulchres evildoers reproducers sepulchers revenuers shampooers transducers honeymooners outmaneuvers
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