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Here's what rhymes with posturing.

Consider these alternatives

gamesmanship / which hyperbole / be partisanship / which preening / meaning brinkmanship / which platitudes / groups ploy / boy speechifying / dying hypocritical / critical braggadocio / no negativity / activity sanctimonious / erroneous rhetorical / historical acrimony / testimony eschewing / doing bashing / having

Words that almost rhyme with posturing

fostering prospering

bothering honoring tottering authoring pottering doddering armoring armouring pothering choppering conquering pondering soldering sponsoring bartering chartering doctoring fathering hollering partnering garnering proffering stoppering rogering wandering conjuring harboring dishonoring nonworking slobbering clobbering coauthoring proctoring martyring hardworking rechartering squandering unfaltering animadverting helicoptering
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