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Here's what rhymes with pestilence.

Consider these alternatives

plague / break privation / relation bubonic / chronic cataclysm / given plagues / makes starvation / operation conflagration / relation dicing / driving prophesied / side scourges / emerges vermin / learning deliverance / difference hydrophobia / phobia scythe / is destitution / solution whoops / groups pneumonic / chronic

Words that almost rhyme with pestilence

estimates excellence petulance testaments testiness evidence prevalence arrogance elegance eminence perilous precedence decadence gentleness tetanus decimates redolence elements emphasis sentiments settlements eloquence negligence relevance resonance benevolence edifice elephants genesis precedents exodus precipice tenements tenuous nebulous tremulous garrulous pendulous baronets sedulous decadents detriments restfulness djellabas jellabas zestfulness intelligence regiments specialists emigrants sediments stenosis mellitus restlessness beneficence blessedness credulous preeminence requisites temperaments venomous irrelevance malevolence querulous carefulness directionless megabits dreadfulness terribleness levelness mechanise airlessness marabous tepidness fetidness heftiness dextrousness edibleness inheritance feminists carelessness impediments membranous sensuous asparagus recklessness geneticists helpfulness clarinets emeritus integuments celebrants endlessness fretfulness healthfulness interrogates preciousness presentiments senselessness fecklessness eventfulness sensibleness developments experiments helplessness embarrassments incredulous prerequisites pleasantness breathlessness overemphasis registrants perfectionists defencelessness defenselessness impetuousness momentousness respectfulness portentousness resentfulness secondments forgetfulness pathogenesis hydrocephalus preparedness nonresidents pretentiousness contentiousness disinheritance infectiousness nonspecialists relentlessness tendentiousness nonvenomous tempestuousness incestuousness neglectfulness licentiousness unpleasantness angiogenesis morphogenesis redevelopments housemistress conscientiousness embryogenesis unpreparedness contemptuousness spermatogenesis gluconeogenesis
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