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Here's what rhymes with perchance.

chance dance advance stance lance trance finance glance askance enhance romance expanse circumstance

Consider these alternatives

actualize / size wherewith / with assignees / these unclouded / doubted

Words that almost rhyme with perchance

pans bans plans fans cans dams sans pangs spans vans bangs jams mans clans hangs gangs lambs scans fangs rams yams cams hams trams grams clams grammes courtesans diagrams exams caravans epigrams telegrams kilograms milligrams histograms

pass tax attacks backs bass baths pants bats chaps packs taps chants chats jacks pats tacks perhaps gas mass plants banks tasks blacks maps rats brass cats gaps lacks tanks tracks wax alas caps fats hats lapse laughs traps fax lax mats max plaques sacks stacks staffs surpass adapts laps lass racks sacs wraps amass bras epitaphs gnats hacks pacts pasts raps shacks vats class facts glass grass collapse grants ranks thanks camps lamps tracts castes casts cracks drafts flats graphs lasts masks shafts stamps attracts blanks flaps flax habitats masts planks straps blasts casks combats draughts ducats elapse harass impasse rafts slacks snacks bracts crass fasts gasps morass pranks quacks ramps slaps slats smacks snaps crafts francs impacts reacts relapse relax flanks grafts implants scraps clamps cramps enacts flasks grasps overlaps parallax prolapse autographs clasps compacts cranks detracts scalps photographs paragraphs artifacts democrats diplomats interacts artefacts cataracts transplants caveats exacts fiberglass telegraphs underclass extracts forecasts aristocrats bureaucrats handicaps monographs technocrats chloroplasts enthusiasts handicrafts
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