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Here's what rhymes with penitence.

Consider these alternatives

contrition / position flagellation / education lenten / depending expiation / operation recrimination / information atone / known meditations / relations contemplation / operation piety / variety supplication / education totalize / size paralysing / rising affirmations / relations mortification / education repented / prevented fortitude / food absolution / solution

Words that almost rhyme with penitence

hesitance reticence tenseness denseness pensiveness airsickness bearishness residents attentiveness celibates fetishists devilishness garishness hellishness caribous selfishness defensiveness embellishments possessiveness headmistress offensiveness oppressiveness restiveness intensiveness retentiveness obsessiveness scarceness festiveness effectiveness aggressiveness inventiveness impressiveness defectiveness extensiveness perceptiveness contentedness deceptiveness expensiveness inattentiveness objectiveness repressiveness connectedness expressiveness unselfishness suggestiveness progressiveness protectiveness receptiveness apprehensiveness collectivists inoffensiveness ineffectiveness inexpensiveness comprehensiveness unexpectedness disconnectedness
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