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Here's what rhymes with peculiarities.

charities verities parities polarities asperities vulgarities disparities regularities similarities irregularities singularities dissimilarities angularities

Consider these alternatives

idiosyncrasies / these peculiarity / therapy mannerisms / conditions complexities / perplexities vicissitudes / viscissitudes morphological / logical confusions / institutions disadvantages / advantages imprecision / given superstitions / conditions obsessions / presence linguistic / characteristic stylistic / characteristic adaptability / ability similarity / therapy typological / logical innate / late

Words that almost rhyme with peculiarities

therapies parodies melodies psychotherapies

penalties densities deputies amenities legacies seventies lettuces destinies specialties inequities jealousies austerities felonies pedigrees specialities tenancies immensities revelries archenemies tendencies extremities intensities propensities pleasantries pregnancies vasectomies lumpectomies dependencies transparencies mastectomies confectioneries discrepancies expectancies appendectomies tonsillectomies interdependencies
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