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Here's what rhymes with paws.

pause jaws laws draws gauze saws yaws because clause applause claws flaws straws squaws withdraws

Consider these alternatives

claws / because paw / law hind / find claw / law toes / those forefeet / feet puppy / study booties / duties insides / rights wag / back tail / male noses / roses cat / at dog / talk torso / also mauled / called hoof / whose meaty / treaty pug / drug penises / attitudinises

Words that almost rhyme with paws

off doth dos toss loss moss sauce trough broth cos moth dross mauve cross cloth gloss froth scoff quash across cheesecloth lacrosse tablecloth

doors balls ores pores chores oars pours boars bores dawns pawns walls calls falls boards songs stores wars halls logs shores spores wrongs cores drawers lawns sores stalls fours longs shawls adores fogs galls hauls malls orbs prongs roars soars sols thongs whores blogs brawls dorms fawns gongs lauds prawns yawns forms belongs norms scores floors horns lords storms cords honours swords wards chords hordes outdoors thorns warns frauds abhors adorns crawls fords gourds hoards mourns throngs warms applauds befalls corns snores towards affords performs awards ignores absorbs accords dialogues overalls restores swarms deplores prolongs rigours scorns squalls deforms fjords implores installs records reforms rewards explores informs catalogues analogues dinosaurs waterfalls herbivores parasols pedagogues protocols conforms northwards synagogues underscores monologues overlords guarantors stevedores troubadours transforms uniforms carnivores thunderstorms misdemeanours conquistadores
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