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Here's what rhymes with parkinsonism.

Consider these alternatives

histoplasmosis / tuberculosis ergotism / given amenorrhoea / idea sarcoidosis / diagnosis idiopathic / havoc toxoplasmosis / tuberculosis amyloidosis / diagnosis hyperglycemia / anemia neurofibrillary / very hypersomnia / insomnia

Words that almost rhyme with parkinsonism

missing whizzing ionising surmising vising living giving fishing wishing kissing forgiving hissing sniffing agonising incising maximising minimising sieving sufficing dishing pissing quizzing dissing riffing sermonising whiffing unforgiving griffin nonliving swishing colonising excising harmonising synchronising circumcising squishing carbonising mesmerising skiving dismissing thanksgiving misgiving reliving reminiscing optimising crystallising outliving antagonising pulverising criticising patronising legitimising publicising revolutionising romanticising spearfishing characterising politicising soliloquising tranquillising

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