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servant fervent unobservant manservant nonobservant

Consider these alternatives

devout / without jew / to jews / whose devoutly / loudly christians / distance vegetarians / variance sabbath / status secular / regular erudite / might studious / dubious empathetic / magnetic

Words that almost rhyme with observant

conversant worsened

serpent verdant current circuit merchant divergent hermit currant firmest deferment sherbet absurdest purchased deterrent discernment emergent turret adjournment convergent detergent furthest inadvertent insurgent preferment surfeit diarist innervate resurgent sternest determent curtest pertest recurrent concurrent worshipped disbursement undercurrent conferment liturgist redcurrant tersest internment resurfaced repurchased colourist blackcurrant interpret behaviourist metallurgist taxidermist reimbursement microcircuit misinterpret reinterpret
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