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Here's what rhymes with objectors.

directors sectors vectors detectors electors protectors projectors collectors inspectors connectors reflectors

Consider these alternatives

draftees / these deferment / determined justifications / relations vegetarians / variance internees / these pacifism / given lessees / these worldviews / whose desiring / inquiring remarry / very supernumeraries / varies

Words that almost rhyme with objectors

lectures conjectures architectures

debtors betters checkers testers letters centers centres metres bearers beggars fetters shelters terrors textures mentors peppers tellers peddlers renters tenures measures pressures settlers feathers gestures pleasures treasures dwellers sellers sensors dissenters carers cellars censors dentures genders headers levers oppressors tempers tenders tremors heifers ledgers lepers sweaters ureters weathers wrestlers members receptors adventures investors renders endeavors endeavours vendors ventures helpers inventors lenders shepherds aggressors assessors condensers debentures possessors westwards leopards propellers semesters stretchers offenders professors successors defenders surrenders compressors confessors contenders pretenders splendors predecessors remembers centimetres millimetres storytellers countermeasures experimenters transgressors
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