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Here's what rhymes with neoplasms.

chasms spasms enthusiasms

Consider these alternatives

hematologic / logic cystic / characteristic neuroendocrine / line exocrine / line adrenocortical / renocortical carcinoid / avoid papillary / very autoimmune / toimmune tumour / tumor effusions / institutions hematological / logical pancreatic / dramatic rhabdoid / avoid

Words that almost rhyme with neoplasms

rations fathoms passions fashions assassins alternations

rapids rattles branches channels battles mammals matches panels patches travels barrels camels catches practise ballads maxims batches paddles phantoms ranches saddles salads shackles brambles damsels rambles rascals tackles classes masses passes samples taxes advances chances gases dances glasses candles castles granules grasses handles bananas capsules sandals stanzas vassals flanges gravels scratches baffles cancels enamels mantles shambles splashes tangles tantrums tassels molasses scandals antacids examples scaffolds circumstances
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