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Words that almost rhyme with midget

rigid knitted snippet tippet fitted omitted emitted inhibit frigid pitted admitted committed permitted quitted flitted gritted skidded twitted spitted submitted prohibit acquitted recommitted

minute millet visit limit nearest ticket picket pivot billet rivet bigot wicket civet spirit biggest dearest cricket frigate illicit biscuit skillet ingot demised eloped spigot gimlet limpet privet dimmest sickest distant efficient infant inherent witnessed implicit pigment richest shipment fiercest fittest omniscient triplet delimit grimaced pendent brisket gymnast queerest trinket grimmest officiant stiffest weirdest interest sufficient commitment assistant brilliant instant coherent contingent deficient indifferent malignant simplest enrichment indignant inefficient stringent adherent insistent distanced severest abridgment flippant impingement oviduct sublimate abridgement complicit endearment sincerest swiftest maleficent preterit equipment consistent coefficient explicit insufficient persistent resistant existent reminiscent beneficent incoherent infringement proficient strictest astringent enlistment resilient violinist cleverest diffident instanced deliquescent bewitchment devilment encystment fulfillment delinquent fulfilment intermittent palimpsest outdistanced inconsistent nonexistent equidistant coexistent transshipment nonmalignant immunodeficient
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