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Here's what rhymes with microscopy.

Consider these alternatives

fluorescence / presence confocal / local excitation / operation histology / quality immunofluorescence / presence staining / training nmr / her ultrasound / found spectroscopic / logic hybridization / education localization / organization infrared / said neuroimaging / photoimaging histopathology / quality holographic / traffic visualization / relation molecular / regular electromagnetic / magnetic technique / seek fluorescent / present ionization / information modulation / education

Words that almost rhyme with microscopy

luckily lustily huskily crustily clumsily musketry gluttony sulkily grumpily lustfully pluckily gustily lovelies tussocky company subtly unluckily drunkenly frontally bloodily hummocky ruggedly trustfully funnily huffily fuzzily lovably lustrously muddily chummily muzzily scruffily suddenly accompany subtlety slovenly hungrily pungency puppetry culpably bloodlessly punditry stuffily duteously redundancy compulsorily wondrously pungently curmudgeonly mistrustfully bumptiously colourlessly abundantly reluctantly husbandry triumphantly consultancy deductively incumbency perfunctorily sumptuously exultantly ineluctably tumultuously distrustfully redundantly ebulliently rambunctiously uncomfortably indulgently presumptuously
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