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Here's what rhymes with metric.

symmetric geometric asymmetric isometric diametric parametric obstetric psychometric barometric photometric thermometric cliometric volumetric econometric colorimetric radiometric nonparametric stoichiometric trigonometric

Consider these alternatives

ton / one tonne / one cubic / pubic exported / supported liters / leaders wheat / feet grain / main shipment / equipment kilogram / can pounds / sounds per / her refined / find kg / drug crude / food imported / accorded corn / form

Words that almost rhyme with metric

ethnic epic ethic ferric centric emetic derrick medic fetich airsick electric genetic poetic generic kinetic acetic pelvic ascetic numeric phonetic relic septic cleric enteric hectic peptic technic benthic eutectic sceptic steric turmeric chimeric hermetic pectic gametic domestic magnetic aesthetic authentic energetic synthetic athletic dielectric eccentric endemic majestic pathetic angelic concentric cosmetic esthetic forensic aseptic allelic frenetic isomeric phrenic skeptic anorexic acerbic anorectic irenic paregoric redbrick bathetic phrenetic arithmetic prophetic anesthetic diabetic eclectic esoteric ischemic anaesthetic apathetic diuretic polemic splenic cybernetic egocentric empathetic ethnocentric eugenic monomeric pandemic tartaric totemic dietetic geocentric geodetic hysteric inauthentic antithetic homiletic leukaemic lovesick splenetic parenthetic unaesthetic unauthentic nonelectric academic sympathetic atmospheric epidemic systemic dialectic antigenic antiseptic epileptic mesenteric alphabetic prosthetic biogenic isoelectric kinesthetic neurogenic neuroleptic pyogenic dyslexic dyspeptic geodesic ionospheric allergenic evangelic paramedic exegetic nonathletic unesthetic copacetic dyslectic apologetic epistemic pathogenic photoelectric phylogenetic transgenic biosynthetic cryogenic geomagnetic mutagenic ontogenetic psychedelic psychogenic alphanumeric androgenic apoplectic heliocentric neurasthenic antipathetic cataleptic nonmagnetic photogenic polytechnic pyrotechnic narcoleptic telekinetic psychokinetic telegenic schizophrenic hydroelectric photosynthetic unsympathetic antidiuretic ferromagnetic iatrogenic paramagnetic piezoelectric teratogenic anthropocentric nonacademic peripatetic paraplegic unapologetic calisthenic hypoallergenic callisthenic carcinogenic anthropogenic onomatopoetic parasympathetic pharmacokinetic hallucinogenic electromagnetic
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