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Here's what rhymes with mars.

bars cars jars pars tars stars scars spars cigars bazaars guitars seminars avatars isobars toolbars reservoirs handlebars streetcars registrars

Consider these alternatives

moon / soon orbit / reported lunar / sooner rover / over planetary / very mission / position robotic / logic asteroid / avoid space / case beagle / legal flyby / idei interplanetary / very missions / conditions unmanned / hand exploration / operation satellites / rights meteorite / right shuttle / double

Words that almost rhyme with mars

marsh arse harsh hearth dolls farce carve parse solve golf scarf sparse starve nasals involve evolve jackals resolve dissolve revolve absolve aerosols devolve

arms odds mas knobs mobs nods moms was cause gods jobs cards dogs farms yards guards pas rods bombs charms palms alms barns hogs sobs bards bogs cons harms pods tongs wharves yarns barbs calms dons robs shards carves cobs cogs jambs snobs toms wombs bonds bronze ponds alarms frogs psalms genomes harbours qualms solves swans clogs floes poplars scarves swabs synods aloes blobs spas throbs wands involves regards evolves firearms facades fronds salons squads forearms retards blondes colons dissolves resolves revolves demagogues devolves diatoms discards echelons pogroms demigods quasars wigwams responds buffaloes bodyguards boulevards arthropods disregards repertoires lexicons positrons corresponds gastropods
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