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Here's what rhymes with loins.

coins joins moins groins groynes doyens adjoins rejoins quoins purloins enjoins subjoins sirloins conjoins tenderloins

Consider these alternatives

loin / join thighs / eyes posteriors / materielles egocentricity / activity explications / relations chelicerae / they sallies / carries apodosis / diagnosis protruded / included epistemologies / qualities scalds / towards

Words that almost rhyme with loins

oils roils boys noise soils coils joys toys boils poise toils voids foils broils ploys cloys choroids moils avoids spoils sepoys annoys recoils trefoils goitres reboils employs enjoys employes deploys viceroys solenoids uncoils cuboids embroils killjoys destroys alkaloids asteroids hemorrhoids adenoids haemorrhoids corduroys despoils paranoids gumboils overjoys anthropoids humanoids hydrofoils mongoloids reconnoitres redeploys reemploys carotenoids
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