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Here's what rhymes with intravenously.


Consider these alternatives

subcutaneously / simultaneously injected / expected rehydrated / hydrated sedated / dated placebos / depots chemotherapy / therapy anesthetic / magnetic dose / close corticosteroids / steroids dispensed / against excreted / treated dosed / most transfusions / institutions dialysis / analysis resuscitation / situation rehydration / operation doxycycline / line lorazepam / can ventilator / later medications / relations medication / education

Words that almost rhyme with intravenously

rationally diagonally fatuously passionately nationally analogously capitally fashionably irrationally fractionally practicably calamitously imaginably casually internationally frantically miraculously taxonomy extravagantly scandalously botanically intransigently casualty inadequately maximally stratigraphy dispassionately compassionately immaculately companionably pedantically gigantically unfashionably satanically inanimately incalculably puritanically unfathomably
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