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Here's what rhymes with interconnection.

connection connexion section collection affection complexion convection confection direction election infection selection correction injection objection perfection erection ejection disconnection protection reflection detection inspection rejection intersection projection recollection dissection insurrection resection subjection defection imperfection inflection dejection disaffection circumspection indirection reflexion abjection inflexion interjection bisection refection resurrection deflection introspection predilection disinfection reelection redirection reinfection genuflection trisection misdirection retrospection

Consider these alternatives

interconnect / effect grids / its telephony / testimony grid / did telemedicine / jettison telecommunication / education protocols / course interoperability / stability transmission / position kv / quays electricity / activity cabling / labeling interchangeability / stability scalable / double demarcation / operation harmonization / information pricing / driving demarcations / relations

Words that almost rhyme with interconnection

mention attention conception session tension convention concession confession contention pension reckon cession ascension melon pectin beckon gentian hessian seven heaven perception possession aggression chairman compression dimension invention lesson weapon accession oppression congestion inception lemon lessen obsession resin tendon dentin headman leaden leaven declension felon headmen heron sexton chevron concretion deaden freshen lepton destine hempen penman pennon redden vegan bellman deafen hellion nelson question exception extension impression intention profession eleven reception succession brethren intestine procession progression regression retention suppression suspension threaten deception detention recession secession dissension freshman ingestion intercession misconception decompression digression lengthen pepsin henchmen interception circumvention henchman penguin preconception selectman headsman indention kelvin pressman gremlin helpline expression depression intervention suggestion discretion prevention rebellion hypertension redemption repression digestion exemption condescension distension inattention indiscretion pretension abstention dispossession preemption watermelon reinvention stepson nonaggression prepossession repossession subvention apprehension comprehension strengthen contraception transgression distention indigestion retrogression delicatessen supervention contravention rhododendron reprehension autosuggestion misapprehension incomprehension nonintervention
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