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Here's what rhymes with injuring.

Consider these alternatives

exploded / noted seriously / mysteriously grenade / made explosion / chosen collided / resided least / increased critically / politically dead / said severely / nearly grenades / states blew / you ablaze / days detonated / indicated destroying / employing bomb / on hurled / world throwing / going tore / or leaving / even

Words that almost rhyme with injuring

hindering sintering wintering cindering whimpering reentering simpering timbering limbering splintering disinterring overwintering unlimbering

dinnering differing figuring shivering mirroring shimmering withering bickering simmering pilfering dithering gibbering littering dickering nickering siring tittering scissoring jiggering kippering zippering wittering filtering glittering lingering flickering quivering whispering glimmering picturing triggering fingering tinkering slithering snickering frittering skittering sniggering innerspring gingering skippering slivering delivering blistering embittering glistering cashiering tincturing blinkering rejiggering considering bewildering configuring disfiguring prefiguring redelivering reconsidering transfiguring
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