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Here's what rhymes with indefinitely.


Consider these alternatives

temporarily / necessarily indefinite / definite suspended / presented suspend / went postpone / known halted / supported delayed / made resume / whom detain / main stay / day unless / less shut / but allow / how delaying / saying prolong / long remain / main limbo / window refusing / using delay / they without / doubt expire / style due / to shelve / self effectively / respectively until / will imprison / given

Words that almost rhyme with indefinitely

delicately intentionally perilously petulantly genitally decadently delicacy genuinely affectionately preeminently sedulously relevantly tenuously resonantly maritally garrulously decadency exceptionally celibacy gentlemanly plentifully unintentionally congenitally incredulously relevancy telegraphy textually irrelevantly sensually sensuously tremulously querulously venomously credulously nebulously obsessionally eventually presidency conventionally professionally benevolently irrelevancy technocracy desultorily malevolently bidirectionally mellifluously expressionlessly unexceptionally unprofessionally unconventionally selenography
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