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Here's what rhymes with incentive.

inventive attentive inattentive preventive retentive disincentive overattentive

Consider these alternatives

rewards / towards reward / called leverage / beverage compensation / information provide / side entice / price inducement / movement flexibility / ability pay / day motivation / education discounts / accounts give / is boost / produced cash / as employers / destroyers scheme / seem rewarding / according reduce / use giving / living eliminate / late motivate / state invest / best pricing / driving

Words that almost rhyme with incentive

benches wenches wrenches avenges effendis trenches revenges entrenches intrenches retrenches frontbenches

festive infective invective effective intensive offensive affective ineffective inoffensive pensive restive unoffensive extensive excessive expensive defective defensive selective corrective directive elective receptive deceptive perceptive convective imperceptive collective objective perspective impressive respective subjective suggestive connective detective digestive inexpensive irrespective reflective congestive obsessive possessive recessive deflective noneffective unperceptive aggressive protective successive expressive prospective depressive oppressive apprehensive hypertensive reflexive introspective projective redemptive hypotensive preemptive suppressive comprehensive compressive contraceptive repressive regressive coextensive intersubjective counteroffensive unimpressive digressive inexpressive nonobjective progressive retrospective transgressive overaggressive nonsuccessive antihypertensive proprioceptive immunosuppressive retrogressive
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