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Here's what rhymes with husk.

dusk musk tusk busk rusk brusque brusk

Consider these alternatives

coconut / but insides / rights psyllium / delirium rind / find cob / not crawfish / crosses corporeal / territorial booting / including flake / lake adipocytes / rights hollowed / followed protrude / food pith / is

Words that almost rhyme with husk

sunk fuck suck ak funk hac hulk hunk sulk shuck vac bulk luck stuck monk duck buck bunk junk noch shrunk chuck chunk muck neque nunc punk tuck chaque skunk slunk puck snuck dunk flunk ruck skulk spunk gunk stunk thwack schmuck yuk yuck struck truck trunk drunk pluck amok amuck cluck clunk plunk sawbuck chipmunk debunk unstuck upchuck cyberpunk preshrunk countersunk thunderstruck
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