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Here's what rhymes with hard.

card guard yard barred marred bard charred lard scarred starred jarred tarred regard discard retard debarred boulevard bombard disregard bodyguard

Consider these alternatives

tough / of too / to so / though get / said trying / lying enough / does even / leaving you / to always / hallways because / laws come / some lot / not know / no very / necessary how / thou what / but way / they think / link make / take thing / in getting / setting kind / find we / be going / growing keep / deep everything / him much / but well / where they / say good / could find / kind need / indeed ca / a anything / him

Words that almost rhyme with hard

art heart sharp arch harp fart hart part large charge start chart march cart smart starch barge dart garb carp mart tart larch scarp barb lolled tarp apart surcharge discharge depart enlarge impart recharge restart rampart forestalled counterpart

armed fond odd honoured harmed sod farmed shod sobbed hod caused bond charged god rod solved carved pond lodged nod robbed starved barbed bombed charmed cod wand calmed donned flogged pod wad bobbed bogged darned dodged gnarled harboured jogged swathed throbbed bod conned frond garbed mobbed beyond evolved alarmed blond facade squad blonde trod unarmed disarmed prod unharmed clod dishonoured massaged quad plod surcharged involved resolved respond dissolved enlarged discharged revolved absolved devolved dislodged unsolved bronzed embalmed becalmed overcharged recharged uncharged sabotaged correspond unresolved camouflaged interlocked arthropod esplanade undissolved waterlogged
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