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Here's what rhymes with grabs.

crabs labs slabs tabs cabs scabs stabs

Consider these alternatives

grab / at whoever / never vying / dying chases / cases seats / needs throws / those loses / uses takes / makes tosses / crosses yells / self flips / its shoots / groups snatch / at turns / terms races / cases fights / rights goes / those podium / sodium consolidates / states wakes / makes

Words that almost rhyme with grabs

adds ads lads rats lapse pads apse laps wraps fads raps collapse maps cats gaps caps fats flats hats traps bats chaps flaps mats scraps taps elapse chats gnats pats slaps slats vats relapse straps snaps perhaps combats ducats overlaps prolapse caveats democrats aristocrats bureaucrats diplomats habitats technocrats handicaps

as clans grams rags lambs clams crags grammes lags rams yams has plans lands paths bags fans glands cans dams flags halves hangs jazz sans calves gangs pangs pans tags drags fangs vans bangs bans cams gals grands hams jams mans pals trams hands whereas bands canals valves brands sands exams scans spans locales stags tramps stands commands diagrams strands caravans epigrams sepals demands expands telegrams kilograms milligrams courtesans rationales diaphragms histograms borderlands understands
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