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Here's what rhymes with gagged.

jagged lagged tagged bagged sagged wagged dragged bragged flagged

Consider these alternatives

chained / change decapitated / dated suffocated / dated asphyxiated / dated mutilated / created urinated / dated bloodied / studied bound / found assaulted / exalted undressed / best herded / converted emaciated / dated tortured / ordered mistreated / repeated suffocate / great

Words that almost rhyme with gagged

act fact packed backed lacked cracked pact tact hacked racked sacked tacked attacked exact tract react enact stacked tracked smacked blacked impact attract intact unpacked extract interact counteract detract retract inexact abstract artifact distract subtract transact artefact

add ad canned had hand land bad band glad grand sand mad sad gland grabbed lad banned clad dad damned hanged pad crammed jammed manned scanned banged fad fanned rad tanned dammed grad halved rammed tad command stand planned brand bland slammed stabbed plaid spanned demand expand strand offhand remand unmanned overland unplanned disband ironclad withstand fatherland firsthand motherland understand contraband hinterland reprimand secondhand misunderstand
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