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Here's what rhymes with fucked.

sucked duct tucked ducked plucked deduct conduct instruct obstruct construct aqueduct reconstruct

Consider these alternatives

screwed / food messed / best dolled / part fuck / drug growin / growing alright / right screwing / doing revved / left everytime / time tensed / against royally / loyally tidied / side

Words that almost rhyme with fucked

hugged shrugged tugged plugged drugged

shut hunt hut shunt hushed supped but what just must cut front dust rushed thrust touched cult bust butt flushed gut lust nut stuffed nought puffed rust cupped gust hunched mot stunt tuft cunt gushed punt putt rut slut thumped tsarist tut wot result trust adult adjust corrupt crushed insult jumped blunt brushed crust occult affront blushed clutched dumped pumped punched brunt bumped defunct erupt grunt lumped pulsed slumped strut bunched exult glut gulped lunched discussed somewhat amongst consult disgust robust unjust abrupt untouched disrupt rebuffed rebut retouched uncut confront distrust interrupt mistrust repulsed convulsed engulfed entrust readjust coconut undercut waterfront antitrust
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