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Here's what rhymes with friendships.

Consider these alternatives

rapport / for alliances / sciences relationship / which lifelong / long cultivate / state reputations / relations symbiotic / logic forging / according forge / short enduring / during platonic / chronic esteem / seem ties / eyes familiarity / therapy careers / years collaborations / relations loyalties / royalties

Words that almost rhyme with friendships

airships headships ethics appendix relics epics ethnics medics airstrips forensics lexis rareness effendis yetis premise larynx athletics sepsis testis clerics eugenics metrics wretchedness femoris leftists sceptics skeptics technics derricks feckless sexless premix airlifts kepis euthenics peptics aesthetics pharynx relentless poetics polemics vulgaris ascetics checklists phonetics emetics esthetics dyslexics electrics centrists eclectics anorectics chairlifts dyslectics leukaemics genetics kinetics cosmetics dialectics diuretics domestics generis schizophrenics hysterics obstetrics asthmatics bioethics dielectrics eccentrics epileptics paramedics synthetics generics ineptness temptress anorexics endemics typescripts adeptness cryogenics dyspeptics isometrics systemics turmerics academics epidemics prosthesis anesthetics diabetics anaesthetics cybernetics neuroleptics sacrilegious calisthenics ancestress dietetics polytechnics pyrotechnics geodesics pandemics psychedelics neurasthenics callisthenics cliometrics egocentrics cataleptics antiseptics transgresses antisepsis atmospherics paraplegics preadolescence peripatetics clarinetists hallucinogenics carcinogenics pharmacokinetics
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