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Here's what rhymes with fragrance.

Consider these alternatives

perfume / room scent / went scented / prevented floral / moral fruity / beauty shampoo / to clinique / seek smell / well couture / full smells / self lingerie / they boutique / seek beauty / duty

Words that almost rhyme with fragrance

vagrants agents patience ancients ailments anus cadence valence waitress lateness fracas basis patients famous statements payments gracious greatness spacious surveillance claimants reagents abeyance aimless fallacious heinous hiatus pavements placements sameness voracious bailiffs basements plainness ageless salacious straightness grayness greyness tailless tameness arrangements acquaintance courageous impatience stainless attainments nameless outrageous platelets assailants audacious blameless faithless herbaceous painless sebaceous shameless shapeless strangeness tasteless vivacious baseless faceless faintness repayments flirtatious graceless weightless humaneness conveyance engagements displacements efficacious replacements tenacious capacious vexatious complaisance rearrangements ungracious emplacements inpatients loquacious misstatements quaintness complacence farinaceous inhalants contagious complainants mandamus ignoramus mendacious advantageous entertainments ostentatious homeostasis disadvantageous
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