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Here's what rhymes with fictional.

frictional nonfictional jurisdictional

Consider these alternatives

comic / economic portrayed / trade adventures / members parody / therapy imaginary / very story / glory supernatural / natural portrays / days mythological / logical tale / male detective / effective storyline / line stories / categories spoof / use autobiographical / classical portraying / saying mythology / quality adaptation / operation

Words that almost rhyme with fictional

original additional visible visual syllable imbecile positional volitional thinkable fixable finagle sinkable criminal typical digital integral biblical miracle mythical pitiful pivotal divisional oppositional pinnacle miscible livable binnacle spiracle tillable billable steerable thimbleful biddable winnable kissable shrinkable mixable clinical traditional invisible conditional reciprocal nutritional provisional transitional aboriginal episcopal medicinal occipital satirical unthinkable despicable divisible polygonal definitional depositional derivable quizzical drinkable printable cognitional pinochle unsinkable resistible refillable bridgeable political principle principal irresistible permissible predictable admissible equivocal hospitable invincible juridical compositional explicable prepositional propositional biophysical dispositional geophysical antipodal unoriginal forgivable inquisitional unlivable ignitible extricable relivable individual municipal unconditional transcriptional pontifical psychophysical subclinical undrinkable unprintable unpredictable unequivocal inadmissible nontraditional transmissible archiepiscopal unforgivable astrophysical diacritical nonclinical nonreciprocal transmittable utilisable nonrefillable inexplicable
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