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Here's what rhymes with fallacies.

Consider these alternatives

exaggerations / relations misinterpretations / relations fallacious / basis positivism / given syllogistic / characteristic fabrications / relations deceits / needs argumentation / operation hypocrisies / crises neoliberalism / given specious / pieces damnable / double antinomies / ceremonies nips / its aphorisms / conditions connectives / objectives mathematic / dramatic misinformation / information reductionism / given elaborations / relations misreadings / proceedings legalistic / characteristic superstition / position holism / given logical / biological wheeze / these heuristics / characteristics

Words that almost rhyme with fallacies

families fantasies galaxies agonies maladies vanities faculties realities analogies balconies fatalities moralities amnesties halfpennies strategies tragedies academies formalities modalities tapestries opacities immoralities pluralities rhapsodies tonalities totalities travesties captaincies inanities landladies cavalries capacities calamities generalities blasphemies brutalities mentalities profanities baptistries vocabularies actualities bankruptcies commonalities eventualities philanthropies trampolines abnormalities technicalities barbarities practicalities constabularies benzodiazepines instrumentalities particularities
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